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We offer many types of countertops: laminate, granite, quartz, butcher block, and concrete. We offer free in-home estimates and design expertise. 


Durable, scratch resistant surface.
Endless patterns and colors.
Each piece is unique.
Lasting value — granite will last forever.
Will not burn when hot pots and pans are set on it.
If correctly sealed, granite will be stain free.
Harbors neither bacteria or radon.


Myth: Granite cannot be repaired once scratched.
Truth: Most granite surfaces are almost impossible to scratch. However, should it happen, it can be removed or repaired.

Myth: Granite installations must be frequently sealed.
Truth: We seal the stone installations at the time of install with the highest quality sealer that we have been able to find. The customers should experience a lifetime of use without having the bother of resealing the countertops.

Myth: Granite countertops cannot be made seamless.
Truth: We use a special stone epoxy color matched on site that should eliminate the overall visibility of the seams.

Myth: Granite is difficult to clean.
Truth: Just use soap and water to wipe the counters. If you want a more thorough cleaning use a stone safe cleaner available from Freedom Carpeting & Countertops.